Our centre is a family. We invite you to explore our welcoming surroundings where children, educators and parents can feel safe, nurtured and special. A place that encourages respect, kindness and caring towards each other and our environment. We are inspired by the inquisitive nature, capabilities and resourcefulness of our children. Beliefs, differences and individuality are respected and encouraged with the aim of children reaching their full potential.

Our vision is for children to embark on a journey of adventure, exploration and discovery through play. We pride ourselves on our natural outdoor environment and encourage healthy risk taking and connecting with the earth. We take an active role to contribute to a sustainable future.

This journey will assist children to construct their own knowledge and understanding (of their world) while building on their strengths and following their interests. We believe our role is as advocates and facilitators of learning and growth.

Children’s voices are respected; the children themselves have indicated that they value ongoing opportunities to play in home like environments as well as strong relationships with friends.

Working in partnership with families and management involves understanding each others’ expectations and valuing the knowledge and contributions we all make towards the wellbeing of the children. We know families need to feel secure in the fact that their children will be nurtured and cherished.

We acknowledge the Wanaruah people who are the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this Land. We recognise that Australia is a diverse society and believe that children should celebrate and respect this in a meaningful way. We aim to create a sense of belonging within both the centre and the wider community.

Our centre will support educators through ongoing professional development, leading to reflective practice and an awareness of current trends. Through this process we will ensure that decisions made will enrich the children’s learning.

As the children move through our service, we are secure in the knowledge that we are laying strong foundations for their future and throughout their lives.