Philosophy: A documented approach to ensuring each child’s health is promoted;  approach to professionalism, confidentiality and ethic conduct
Legislation: Education and Care Services National Regulations, Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
Children’s needs: To feel physically and emotionally well, and to feel safe in the knowledge that their well being and individual health needs will be met when they are not well.
Parent’s needs: To know that educators will act in the best interests of their children at all times; meet their children’s individual health care needs.
Educators needs: To feel competent to perform their duties; understand their liabilities and duty of care requirements.
Management Needs:  To have confidence in educators/ staff and trust them to met their duty of care and liability as prescribed by law; ensure clear policies are in place which are  implemented by all educators/ staff.


Denman Children Centre will facilitate effective care and health management of children who are taking medications for health problems, prevention and management of acute episodes of illness or medical emergencies by the safe administration of medication and compliance with the Regulations. We recognise that ill children are best cared for at home.  If your child becomes unwell while in attendance at the centre you will be called to collect your child immediately.  (See unwell children policy)


Whenever possible medication should be administered by parents/ guardians at home. However this will not always be feasible. Therefore to ensure children’s safety and welfare, the giving of medication at the centre will be strictly monitored.

  • On enrolment, families will provide a summary of their child’s health including medications, allergies, Doctors name, address and phone number, first aid management plan approved by their Doctor if relevant.
  • Parents/ guardians should consider whether their child who requires medication is well enough to be at the service, and to keep the child at home if unwell. A child must have begun a course of antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to the centre.
  • Only prescribed medications will be administered by educators/ staff.
  • Medication will only be administered to a child enrolled at the centre with the written permission of the child’s parent/ guardian. Medication may be administered without authorisation in the case of an anaphylaxis or asthma emergency. In this case parents and the child’s medical practitioner need to be contacted as soon as possible
  • Medication authority forms will be kept until the child turns 24 years old.
  • On completion of the Medication authority form, the medication must be handed to an educator – DO NOT LEAVE IN CHILD’S BAG.

Medications will be stored in a childproof locked container, or if necessary refrigerated

  • Medication will be administered only if:
    • The parent/guardian has completed and signed the Denman Children Centre    medication form indicating: (the form will be retained by the service until the child reaches 24 years of age)
  • The name of the child
  • The name of the medication to be administered
  • The time and date the medication was last administered
  • The time and date, or the circumstances under which, the medication should be next administered
  • The dosage of the medication to be administered
  • The manner in which the medication is to be administered
  • It is provided in its original packaging complete with instructions
  • It has a current use by date
  • The name of the prescribing Doctor is provided
  • In relation to administering medications, the children’s centre educators will:-

–      Only administer medication if they hold a current First Aid Certificate

–      Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines

–      Ensure prior written parental consent is obtained wherever possible

–      Act in the best interest of the safety and health of the child

–      Not administer any medication if they have doubts about its safety. The matter will be referred to the centre’s Nominated Supervisor who will seek advice fro  the parent, doctor, or local Public Health Unit.

–      Check that the instructions on the medication authorisation form are consistent with both the doctor’s instructions and the name and the instructions on the label. The parent will be notified of any inconsistency.

–      Ensure that another educator/ staff member carefully checks and verifies the correct medication and dosage before administering it to the child.

–      Medication must NEVER be put into a babies bottle or drinking cup.

–      Parents/Carers will be advised that the administration of homeopathic,  naturopathic, medication also need to meet minimum legislative requirements and there guidelines including providing a Medication authority form, written instructions and dosage from a health professional prescribing or dispensing the medication.


  • Over the counter or non prescribed medication (including cold preparations) will not be administered.
  • Educators will however apply nappy rash creams and teething gel such as am-o-lin, sudocream and bongela if a parent supplies it and signs a consent form.


  • Previous Policy
  • Education Care Services National Regulation
  • PSCA Policies in Pactice

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Failure to meet the requirements outlined in this policy is a criminal offence and may result in fines of up to $22,000


This policy will be reviewed annually